gentleman caller – 22 april, 2008

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gentleman caller:
I do not understand why,
if when absence makes the heart grow fonder,
all you do is cry.
I may never be decided, or turn over my hand.
so I’m sorry dearest sir,
you’ll have to make another plan.

found this today buried in some old coursework.


business bears – 22 april, 2008

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teddy bears and I in a business-like group meeting,
talking about popping corn and how long it requires heating.
soon as my hair falls out of curls they seem to stop their eating,
it’s then I slowly realize that I’ve somehow stopped believing.

found this today buried in some old coursework. 

chandelier – 1 july, 2013

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windows open, breeze or not
the summer tries to stream in, hot.
i hear crickets loudly trill,
as the atmosphere falls still.

the moon and sun say day is done,
and switch for evening places.
the stars that follow simply come,
with bright and shining faces.

looking up the chandelier
of light and captured mirrors,
reflected from the nighttime sky,
an effervescent sigh.

based on a word prompt given by Emily at a writing night with a friend.

unheard smells – 1, april 2012

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taste the feeling
let it go
ever onwards,
breath in every
unheard smell,
upside down and,

feathers – 24, march 2012

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ruffled feathers lift me up
blue sky catches my hair
breathe in the atmosphere
gradual, time passes
i forget my lungs
breathing seems

wanting – 21, march 2012

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wanting, not just for the sake of wanting,
not knowing how to be awake.
whispered wishes and unknown hearts,
wants and needs slowly drift apart.
open my mouth as if to speak,
only air comes out.
i hear far off voices call my name,
empty rain rolls down the drain.
the feelings of sleep elude me,
my wandering heart embarks.
i’ve almost become a skeleton,
with dreams of life forgotten.
write down who i was for me,
tell people of these moments.
if only, if only tomorrow reset,
the way it began and the things i regret.
when you wanted something,
and i wanted less.

bubbles – 9, february 2012

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when the world is on your doorstep
don’t let yourself be alone
let the wind carry hope to your lips
the breeze of soft imagining

be real and live in truest form
vivid colours in your mind
act like keys to roads unknown
beginning new adventures

ocean waves and seashell caves
names made out of echoes
seahorses are the butterflies
of the view made out of bubbles

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