growing pains – 23 December, 2011

December 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

i wish i may with all my might
follow the star i see tonight.

where up it hangs and glows to guide,
to there i’ll leap and learn to fly.

flickering lights bring much delight
as ribbons of my dreams ignite.

of golden spells and mermaid bells
the twinkling stars do arc.

and in it all a laugh rings out
soon followed by a shout,

the night’s alive with happy things
and magic bounds about.

find ye near here don’t turn away,
though nearer than you ought.

for if you listen carefully
you’ll hear the evening’s plot.

as up he rises quite a sight,
mischievous his game

the shadows scatter in his wake
for fear of being tamed.

so soon i see the moonlight smile
as it begins to fade,

the darkness bleeds into the light
as to the sky i’m bade.

the clouds part sides like ocean waves
and i am marked as nave,

unto this place of quiet hope
and to the boy it gave.

though separated from his gaze
my memory keeps him brave,

through listless nights to bring him back,
in all my dreams i lack.

the what, the when, the how, the why
are nowhere near the way to fly.

with chin held high though spirits low,
i gently sing a soft echo.

into the dull and vapid sky
i weakly sit and start to cry,
for shadows found and lost.


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