the bend – 3, february 2012

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

begin at the beginning
and talk me to the end
my mistress my demise
is coming ’round the bend

her waist so lean and proper
her head held high with grace
it’s ironically befitting
that i cannot see her face.


i won’t remember – 16, January 2012

January 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

the silence of the snow falls softly
subduing the thoughts
that tumble in my head

i hear echoes of the wishes
my heart and my head
battle to rationalise

only for a moment as
the sky lets itself fall apart
everything is quiet

the moments pass more quickly
and when i blink i know
the illusion i cling to will vanish

the world will be covered
and i won’t remember

but only if you want to – 3, january 2012

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come with me
and where we were
into the foam i’ll race you
(but only if you want to)

a close distance – 24 December, 2011

December 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

the distance of a
comfort that’s not far away
hold my hand tonight

growing pains – 23 December, 2011

December 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

i wish i may with all my might
follow the star i see tonight.

where up it hangs and glows to guide,
to there i’ll leap and learn to fly.

flickering lights bring much delight
as ribbons of my dreams ignite.

of golden spells and mermaid bells
the twinkling stars do arc.

and in it all a laugh rings out
soon followed by a shout,

the night’s alive with happy things
and magic bounds about.

find ye near here don’t turn away,
though nearer than you ought.

for if you listen carefully
you’ll hear the evening’s plot.

as up he rises quite a sight,
mischievous his game

the shadows scatter in his wake
for fear of being tamed.

so soon i see the moonlight smile
as it begins to fade,

the darkness bleeds into the light
as to the sky i’m bade.

the clouds part sides like ocean waves
and i am marked as nave,

unto this place of quiet hope
and to the boy it gave.

though separated from his gaze
my memory keeps him brave,

through listless nights to bring him back,
in all my dreams i lack.

the what, the when, the how, the why
are nowhere near the way to fly.

with chin held high though spirits low,
i gently sing a soft echo.

into the dull and vapid sky
i weakly sit and start to cry,
for shadows found and lost.

haiku – 24, december 2011

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the distance of a
comfort that’s not far away
hold my hand tonight

young sailors – 21 June, 2011

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

blow in, bright breeze from shores afar
and tell of where the young sailors are
for whence they went they have not come
and rough, the sea is mute and dumb

the stars dip down and touch the waves
and echo their reflection, grave
in their faces does reflect
this new, new world and it’s defect

when morning dawns and breaks the day
the caves have nothing more to say
for our good luck of treasured gold
the men before have sold their souls

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